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Our mission is to provide solutions to the challenges that are presented us, and we enjoy the challenge. We don’t miss an opportunity to push the boundaries in getting your project done right.

Advanced Video Assist

Ultimate speed, precision, and freedom with the power of QTakeHDx2 in combination with live wireless FullHD video transmission. Live chroma, color correction, composites, and other tools to aid your post prodution. Working better, working faster!

Data Management

Bulletproof offloads with duplicates using the ultra fast Thunderbolt2 RAIDs. Data integrity checks ensure your material’s security. Compatibility for all camera models active on the world scene.

Camera Setup and Exposure

Count on us to get your cameras set up right. Optimal exposure for all your footage using our live scopes, tools, and experience.

Color Grading

Live from camera feed or transcoded to dailies with standard REC709 look or customized according to the DoPs vision for the project.


Freedom on set through compact, wireless monitoring of the live camera feeds. Streaming of dailies to wifi devices through safe, password protected connections.

Global Transmission

Ultra fast upload of dailies for editing abroad through Aspera, FTP, Dropbox, etc. Have your editor back home start his work while you shoot thousands of miles away.


Wide array of editing services. From on-set logging and rough cuts to full editing services for your project, we’ve got you covered.

Project Design

Our work shines best (and you save) when we can touch base with you early in the project. We’ll make sure we’re on the same page and the project on track with thorough communication and workflow tests.


On set dailies in any standard format, with LUTs, burn ins, consistent TC, audio sync, etc.


Beats by Dre

The Game Before The Game

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2014 FIFA World Cup – “Believe As One”

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2014 FIFA World Cup – “Celebrate As One”

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Ice Tea Hugh Jackman

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XBox 360


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EA Sports Star Wars

“The Old Republic”

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Video Assist Department


Video Assist Department
Workflow Department

Documentaries & Live Sport Events

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Slow Motion Department

  • Testimonial
    Franny Freiberger, Freelance Line Producer Los Angeles

    I had to tell you that Margo (Weathers) and Pieter (Vermeer) thought you were amazing!   I appreciate all your hard work and how detailed you were with our deliverables. we couldn't of done it without you.
  • Testimonial
    Hitesh Patel, Visual Effects Supervisor (The Mill)

    In the last 2 years, i've had the pleasure of being in Uruguay on 3 occasions filming in and around Montevideo. On two of those occasions i was fortunate enough to work with Rodrigo and Leandro in their DIT roles. Their aptitude and professionalism was amazing and they performed their roles above and beyond what was required but that ended up being a bonus. Creating looks on the fly assured all members of the international parties what could be achieved later. Beyond their technical roles, they were just very nice people to work with.

  • Testimonial
    Marcelo Camorino, DoP

    Les agradezco que hayan sido el buen garante del trabajo de la imagen durante todos esto meses, con tanta cantidad de discos y con semejante cantidad de TB, eso se logra con oficio, disciplina y talento, que a ninguno le falta! Un fuerte abrazo! y nos vemos en la "next"!!!

Selection of brands and clients

• Coca Cola
• Pepsico
• Mattel
• Budweiser

• Miller
• Esso

• AT&T
• Palmolive - Tryan George
• Welch’s
• Pantene
• AXE - Traktor Films Los Angeles
• Novartis Excedrin (Dir: Sean Thonson)
• Kellogs
• Rexona
• Cornetto UK
• Stella Artois UK
• McCormick
• Knorr - Germany Knorr - Austria
• Nestle
• Jacobs Coffee - Germany
• Tymbark - Poland
• Hornbach - Germany
• Beate Uhse - Germany
• Maggi - Germany
• Suzuki

Selected DoP’s we’ve worked with

• Emmanuel Lubezki
• Lawrence Sher
• Ben Battersby
• Cesar Charlone
• Kirk Miller
• Robert Ryan
• Sean Bobbit
• Nanu Segal
• Juan Carlos Ferro
• Alex Barbe
• Javier Julia
• Joe Meadel
• Ray Coates
• Nicolas Trovato
• Bill Winters
• André Pienaar
• Nicolas Hovingh
• Andreas Berger
• Gonzalo Amat
• Walter Casanova
• Jonathan Hyde
• Alvaro Gutierrez
• Sean Thonson
• Agustin Claramunt
• Marcelo Camorino
• Alan Badan
• Juan Carlos Lenardi
• Atahualpa
• Alejandro Giuliani
• Leonardo Hermo
• Juanmi Azpiroz
• Pierre De Kerchove
• Fernando Oliveira
• Ross McLennan
• Diego Rosenblatt
• Carlo Jelavic
• Karl Hahn
• Jose Luis Garcia
• Horacio Maira
• Carlos Riper
• Julián Apezteguia
• Pedro Luque

Selected Post Houses

The Now Corporation


Rock Paper Scissors


Consulate editing co


Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Matias Rey

    About Matias Rey

    Started his cinematographic studies early in his life, at age 14, in Dodeca Film School, where he is currently in charge of technical coordination and teaching students about the cameras. He studied Cinematography in CFP-SICA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also took part in several workshops on digital imaging techniques with Martin Siccardi. He is part of the Colour, Light and Cesia Association in Uruguay. Matias’ professional career has led him to work mainly in the Camera Department as an Advanced Video Assist Operator, having had the privilege to work with eminences such as Emir Kusturica, Dariusz Wolski, Benoit Delhimme, Jake Scott, among others.

  • Testimonial

    Leandro Tajam

    About Leandro Tajam

    Introduced to the world of film as a teenager, he started working at a studio and equipment rental house. Over his 9 year stint there he gained invaluable knowledge about not just equipment but the industry as well. About a decade ago, Leandro started working as a freelance video assist, 2nd camera assistant, and HD tech among positions. Later, he and two colleagues started what is today MontevideoAssist. Currently he´s working as a DIT, on set grading, Phantom operator and is active in designing projects and workflows for a huge variety of projects.

  • Testimonial

    Rodrigo Gómez

    About Rodrigo Gómez

    Rodrigo has worked in different aspects of film since 2000. His duties have been as an editor, professor at ORT University, and on set as part of the camera crew. Other than his experience and knowledge in the film industry, he’s found his unfinished computer engineering degree quite useful (geek warning), especially since cinema has gone digital. He grew up in Sweden, and lived in the USA for a couple years, which has given him an edge as a professional, not only language wise.

  • Testimonial

    Roman Benvenuto

    About Roman Benvenuto

    Roman has had training from several different institutions: The School of Information and Communication (FIC – UdelaR ), the Film School of Uruguay ( ECU), the Uruguayan Photoclub, the Audiovisual Crafts Workshop ( TOA ), the A+ School of Audiovisual Technology, as well as attending several other workshops with national and international teachers. He has worked as a filmmaker, editor and post-producer for more than ten years. Recently he started working on national and international advertising productions, as Assistant  Video Operator and he is trained as Qtake Operator, a role that complements his post production background. His varied background and specialty in post production makes him a valuable asset on set.

  • Testimonial

    Heather Shapiro

    About Heather Shapiro

    Heather has been tinkering in tv and film production since high school. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010, where she focused on Narrative and Film. Her main role is as an editor in tv and commercial projects. She teaches editing at ORT University and works as a Video Specialist and editor for Inpulse Digital Media. Recently she’s ventured into story development and directing, as a field director for MTV’s The Challenge, creator of a web series for American Girl, and writing and directing a short film and television pilot. Heather is California native who moved to Montevideo in 2011, which has not only broadened her horizons and vocabulary, but given her an advantage when working on international projects.


We are eternally thankful for counting on the best tech suppliers and innovators in the world to help us help our clients.

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